Exective Secretary

Dr. Jeanne Nyirahabimana

Tel: (+250)788389949

The Executive Secretary has the following responsibilities:

1. To give instructions to the Provincial staff;

2. To coordinate and supervise the Provincial staff activities;

3. To prepare the Provincial planning and monitor its implementation;

4. To review the files and other documents to be approved by the Governor of Province;

5. To serve as the chief budget manager of the Province

6.  To follow up closely the award of  tenders at the Provincial level;

7.  To track and control projects covering more than one District;

8.  To promote technologies and knowledge of the Provincial staff and build their capacity;

9.  To deputize for the Governor of Province in case of absence;

10.  To supervise and carry out first-level performance assessment of the Provincial staff;

11. To prepare the draft of Provincial planning and transmit it to the Governor of the Province who in turn transmit it to the Minister in charge of local government;

12. To prepare the draft budget proposal of the Province and submit it to the relevant organs;

13. To perform such other task within the scope of the responsibilities of the Province  as may be assigned to her by the Governor of Province;